What’s a web presence and do I need one?

Celebrities and the famous tend to their web self through what is called personal branding.  

But is an online presence necessary for a nobody like you or me?

The fact is, a web presence is important for many of us non-celebrities.  Here’s why.

Are you a school applicant, job hunter, actor, artist, freelancer, or small business owner?   Then you need to be found by folks searching for skills and products you have to offer. 

Where will searchers look to learn about you?  Online. You need to be there with a web presence.

Are you a frequent user of social media?  Then you’re leaving tracks on the internet.  From those tracks, searchers will draw some conclusions about you.

Will their impression be accurate and current?   Quite possibly not. 

You need to lead searchers to good, timely information about you.

Building your web presence

My course, The Nobody’s Guide to a Personal Web Presence, will guide you through a series of steps with free and inexpensive tools.  

You’ll learn how to:

  • See your web self through the eyes of a stranger;
  • Take a good head-and-shoulders self photo without help;
  • Use that photo as part of a 1-page online profile;
  • Create a professional email signature with your photo, key information, and profile link;
  • Evaluate possible web domain names and purchase the best one for you;
  • Set up a new email address at your new domain within your current email program;
  • Launch a contemporary personal website without coding;
  • Influence search engines to rank your site highly in search results of your name; and
  • Coordinate your email signature, web profile, and website.

Your profile, website, and signature file will be the three pillars of your web presence.

Your three pillars

Here’s what you’ll have when you complete the course:

One-page web profile
Personal website
Professional email signature

With those pillars in place, a web search for you will lead to professional, current information about you.

But there’s more….

Still not sure? For more details about the course content, review this Checklist. It’s a summary of the course-directed steps you’ll take.

With only the skeleton of the checklist to follow, you’ll have to figure out a lot of time-consuming details. I’ve done all that work for you and put it in the course.

The course costs less than a college textbook, and no programming skills are needed.

Even better, the first 6 lessons are free, so you can sample the course without spending a dime.

Short of time?  The course gives you detailed, illustrated instructions. If your time is valuable, pay for the course and save yourself hours and days to figure things out.

On a tight budget?  Many parts of the course use free tools. You can complete those elements and return later to the others when you can afford them.

The course package offers great value. When you combine the price of enrolment and paid tools, your total cost for an integrated web presence will be about $100.

$49.00 - Purchase The Nobody’s Guide to a Personal Web Presence