Your web presence and why it matters

What will a web searcher learn if they google your name? What they glean from your web presence is very important — if your success depends on others’ attention, approval, or business. And that applies to many of us.

Your web presence is too important to leave to chance. You probably know this, but feel overwhelmed by the potential cost and complexity. Relax. Some inexpensive and free tools and training is all that is required. Nobody’s Guide will explain the tools and guide you.

You’ll begin the course by analyzing your current web persona from the perspective of a stranger googling your name.

Next, you’ll create a simple personal online profile of your unique combination of location, skills,  knowledge, or products. What you say will start to build your new web presence.

Upgrading your existing email with a professional signature file will follow. It will become your digital business card and will link to your online profile.

You’ll then be guided through the purchase of a unique domain name after considering your earlier name research, domain availability, and price.

Creating a new email address, like, at your domain will be the next step.

Website cornerstone

image of website home page
Sample website home page

Then your focus will shift to creating a contemporary website at your new domain address. Follow my detailed instructions for how to use an inexpensive web building tool. It will enable you to create a contemporary personal website without worry about technical details and coding. The content will be up to you.

Learn the trick of telling Google what’s important about your site. Using this knowledge will increase your site’s salience over time.

Your newly created and linked web profile and website will enhance your web presence in search rankings and differentiate you from others. 

It will take a bit of time to learn, implement, and refine your content and presentation using these tools. Have some patience. They do work, as I illustrate next.

When I started developing this course, I did a search of my name. The top search results were of older web pages from the university where I had worked for many years. Then, over a number of months I created course materials, and I followed my advice by completing the course steps myself. For example, I created a personal online profile and a personal website.

Months later, I needed a screenshot example of Google search search results. I again googled myself as a stranger (using the incognito mode) and got the the displayed results.

My course-created personal website ranked first, and the profile page ranked fourth!

Ranked search results

Google had ranked highly the content I created for the The Nobody’s Guide course. The older university pages had been relegated to lower positions. Now a web searcher checking me out will find my personal website first. Success!

You are the world’s expert on you.  Implement the course advice to tell the world about you.

The course outline follows, and the first six lessons can be viewed without purchasing access to the full course.

To your success,

Warren Eaton

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Course Outline

Module 1 Overview and Secrets
Lesson 1 Course overview  - Preview
Lesson 2 Secrets: Mine, Yours, and the Truth  - Preview
Module 2 What Strangers See
Lesson 1 You have a web doppelganger  - Preview
Lesson 2 Your ghost census  - Preview
Lesson 3 Some things don't stay in Vegas  - Preview
Lesson 4 Become the web’s authority on you  - Preview
Module 3 Your Online Profile
Lesson 1 Your online profile, a 3-legged stool
Lesson 2 Leg 1: Your Message
Lesson 3 Leg 2: Your Photo
Lesson 4 Leg 3: Your Call to Action
Lesson 5 Next steps
Module 4 Your Digital Business Card
Lesson 1 Create a professional signature
Lesson 2 Creative uses of signature content
Lesson 3 Add your new signature to your email
Lesson 4 About your email content...
Module 5 Own Your Web Address
Lesson 1 But I can rent for free!
Lesson 2 Finding a domain registrar
Lesson 3 Domain name considerations
Lesson 4 Illustration of domain choice process
Module 6 Link Your Domain to Your Email
Lesson 1 The portability problem
Lesson 2 The email forwarding solution
Lesson 3 Receiving mail at your domain
Lesson 4 Sending mail from your domain
Lesson 5 Connecting all the dots
Lesson 6 Mailbox alternatives
Lesson 7 Update and differentiate
Module 7 Build Your Web Home
Lesson 1 Foundation Trade-offs
Lesson 2 Choose a Good Builder
Lesson 3 Build a model first
Lesson 4 The Lowdown on Markdown
Lesson 5 Talk to the Google overlords
Lesson 6 Meta-data patience required
Lesson 7 Web builder alternatives
Module 8 Monitor Your Future Self
Lesson 1 Google Alerts
Module 9 Conclusions
Lesson 1 Closing thoughts
Lesson 2 Tools list
Lesson 3 Annual Cost Estimates