In the fantasy world, one’s skills are so outstanding that opportunities appear unbidden. In real life that’s highly unusual.

There are two more realistic paths to new jobs, customers, clients, or other opportunities. The first path involves responding to an invitation or job posting by initiating contact with a decision maker. Long ago, this all happened with paper resumés, snail mail, and phone calls.  Now it happens with email, online forms, text messages, and phone calls. 

Why do you need a web presence for the first path?  Does an online presence matter when you initiate and control the information you provide, as on the first path?  It’s because a potential decision maker will be very tempted to check you out online — without your knowledge or consent. 

The second path involves others initiating a search for something or someone they need — a plumber, music teacher, editor, etc.  Their search almost always starts with a web search, and a crucial question is whether you, the provider of a service or product, can be found by their web search for what they need

What will searchers of you find?  Is it relevant or correct?  You need to influence what is found by creating an accurate, current web source of information about you.  You need to guide a decision maker or potential customer/client to accurate web information.

You’ll also find “quizzes” scattered through the course. They are not tests of your knowledge and have no right or wrong answers.  Instead, they have two purposes. First, they can serve as a task completion checklist for you. Second, they give me feedback on the course and how it’s working.  They’re very short, so please take a moment to complete them.

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