My secret

As an expert on the content of this course, I’m an impostor.  I have no formal education or training about the topic.  Besides being uncredentialed, I’m old, which is a drawback for any topic related to tech.

What I know is a product of experience from the past 20 years.  I’m a retired university prof who studied infant and child development.

I did research on season of birth effects, which took more money than I had.  To reach babies’ parents more cheaply, I turned to online research.  That experience taught me a lot about websites, online advertising, etc.

I also taught an undergrad honours research seminar, and I enjoyed helping students prepare for postgraduate careers.

This online course is a marriage of my web enthusiasm and my career mentoring impulses.

To create this course, I had to overcome my self-doubts and lack of credentials.

Your secret

It’s likely that you believe that you’re a fraud, a fake who will be discovered and shamed at some point in the future.  Like me, you often feel like an impostor.

Not sure about that?  There’s a self-scoring test for measuring the Impostor Phenomenon.  To take it, go to this web page and click on the Clance Impostor Phenomenon Scale and scoring instructions (CIPS) link.  You can score yourself and pursue other references if you wish.

The redeeming truth

Your secret isn’t a big problem because others have the same insecurities.  Almost all of us feel unqualified and unprepared for what life brings.

The truth is this:  Others are mostly concerned with their own worries, which leads them to mistakenly assume that you’re fine.

Let them live with their illusions on this point.  Don’t advertise your anxieties, and carry on as if you know what you’re doing.

Your personal doubts are much more obvious to you than they are to others. Focus on your goals and set aside those impostor doubts.

This course will help by giving you a series of practical steps to create a professional web presence.  It won’t prevent those bouts of self-doubt, but it should help you reach important personal goals.

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