Create new and relevant entries about yourself.  Search engines rank highly those sites that address the searcher’s intent, that are authoritative, and that are recent.

You are the expert about you.  Without bragging or lying, you are in a position to create accurate, current content about yourself and get it out on the web.  If you don’t, you will be defined by information from other sources.

Web content that you create can slowly shoulder aside the older entries and push them into the background.  It’s not magic and it’s not fast, but you can assert more influence over what the web says about you.

How do I get a potential web searcher to find the best me?  Make it very easy.  Pay attention to how you present yourself online and in emails.  Direct people to well-written profiles of you.  Insure that those profiles link to more detailed information at your website.  

When it’s easy to find the best you, a searcher is less likely to do the extra work to find that obscure photo of the “wine-tasting” party.  Give searchers an easy path; we humans rarely choose the harder one.

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