Your name search may have uncovered entries you don’t like.  You have lots of company. If so, what should you do about unwanted past posts?  As far as I know you can’t erase your web history.  However, there is one minor and one major step to take.

You can ask to have some posts removed.  This is sometimes successful.  For example, after I retired from university teaching, my entries still showed up even though they were irrelevant.  I contacted the Rate people, explained that I had retired, and asked them to remove my entries.  To my surprise, they did. This strategy of directly requesting removal is easy enough to do. It is certainly worth a try.  But is there anything else you can do?

You can push old posts aside.  Current and comprehensive entries about a search query, such as for your name, are given priority over older, less comprehensive entries.  By creating good, new web entries about your self you can push older entries down the results lists.  Most people don’t bother to go past the top few search results.  That’s why you need to actively work on your web presence.

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