How many search results (ghosts) turned up for each variation of your name?  Knowing your name variant that produced the fewest ghosts will help for a later step — choosing your personal domain name.  I did separate searches for 4 variants of the name John Quincy Doe.  For example, I found 548 results for John Quincy Doe, as you can see from the following  screenshot.

Following are the number of search hits (in parentheses) for each of 4 variants of John Doe’s name:  “John Doe” (33,600,000); “John Q. Doe” (13,200), “J. Q. Doe” (1,100), and “John Quincy Doe” (548).

These results will be useful for finding an available domain name.  You’ll almost certainly find that your name with a middle initial is a more distinctive choice for use on the web.

Another perspective:  A domain name with a middle initial is less likely to have been taken by someone else than is one without the initial.  More on that later.

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