Self branding is a thing for folks in some corners of the internet. Indeed, there are web businesses dedicated to helping individuals build a personal brand.

Perhaps branding is necessary if you’re a celebrity or the face of an online business.  But for an ordinary person the idea of a self brand can sound grandiose and kind of creepy.

And if you grew up in Wyoming cattle country like I did, the word branding brings to mind images of calves being burned with hot irons.  Not a pleasant sight or smell.

Cattle branding not withstanding, the idea of personal branding brings to mind acquaintances who are ambitious, insecure narcissists.  Not you?  If you want to be your authentic self, self branding can sound like the wrong path.

Having a personal web presence isn’t creepy

The term branding may be the problem because it sounds too grandiose.  A more acceptable and more authentic term is personal web presence, and here’s why.

Do you use web browsers, email, or social media tools? If so, you’re leaving your personal tracks on the internet.  An interested searcher can find those tracks and draw some conclusions about you. 

Are their conclusions going to be accurate? Up to date? Possibly not.  If you want a searcher to draw accurate conclusions about the real you, you need to help them with an accurate current website.

Are you a creator, freelancer, or small business owner?   You need to be found by folks searching for what you have to offer.  Where will they do that?  Online.  And and for that you need an online presence.  The Nobody’s Guide to a Personal Web Presence e-course will help you do that inexpensively and without needing to know how to program.  Check it out to learn more.