Here is a checklist for creating your personal web presence.  It`s a summary of many steps described in my Nobody’s Guide course.

▢ Search variants of your name to see what strangers can learned about you on the web.

▢ Take and save a screenshot of the search results for each variant of your name.

▢ Take a headshot photo and write a biographical description of your skills, offerings, or products

▢ Create an online 1-page web profile (with photo, description, and call to action).

▢ Back up versions of your profile for possible later use.

▢ Create a professional email signature with photo, job title, and tagline.

▢ Add your web profile URL link to your email signature file and elsewhere.

▢ Add the signature file to your current email program.

▢ Save your signature files and bookmarks for later use and revision.

▢ Purchase your domain name based on availability and lessons learned from Google searching your name.

▢ Connect your newly purchased domain name to an email account to create a address.

▢ With a website builder create a personal website by adapting templates to your specific situation (no coding needed).

▢ Tailor your website’s title and meta-description to facilitate being found through Google searches.

▢ Choose and use a back-up system for your website content.

▢ Add your website address to your one-page profile and email signatures.

▢ Set up a Google Alert to monitor future web references to your name and variants.

▢ Regularly visit and update your email signature, web profile, and website.

▢ Some months later, rerun your original self name searches. Compare the new results to the saved screenshots of your original searches.

▢ Note improvements in your search ranking prominence and accuracy.

▢ Reward yourself for your significant accomplishment.

For detailed instructions about implementing each of the checklist steps, enrol in the Nobody’s Guide online course.

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